Match Report: Naparima 0-0 East Mucurapo

Naparima College were given a sour homecoming at Lewis Street by their northern opponents as they were held to a goal-less draw, on a day that the weather matched the mood at full-time.

The hosts came storming out of the blocks and pressured the Port-of-Spain outfit; spending most of the first 15 minutes in the attacking third. Mark Ramdeen looked as lively as he did in the opener against St. Mary’s, but he was much more efficiently closed down by the Mucurapo defenders.


Despite dominating possession and having a great territorial advantage, Naparima failed to convert their chances and went into the break score-less.

Seemingly, Naparima’s greatest chance to score in the second half would have been from a penalty, as Molik Khan was hacked down in the penalty area. But, to the surprise of everyone in the ground, the referee decided not to make the call.


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Slideshow: Penalty incident on Molik Khan

Naparima continued to press Mucurapo and create chances, but the story of the day remained the same as they could not capitalize.

After a frustrating 94 minutes, the game finished 0-0.

Angus Eve, Naparima College Head Coach

“I think, today, we just didn’t finish our chances. We did everything right except score. With regards to Mucurapo, our scouting report was right — they didn’t give us much to do. But the story of today was that we didn’t take our chances.”

Man of the Match:
Molik Khan




  1. Accurate report. Yes that should be reviewed–a possible penalty for NAPS. Well the latest Football chant should be …”mark Ramdeen !!”
    Well done the football

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  2. Ramdeen played well as he leans does it we must give credit where credit is due Naps dominated the game having most possession! When Molik came off the bench he brought fire to the field he cane close to scoring on 3 occasions and proved to be quite entertaining, the form 3, 14 year old is an example of the wise selection by Coach Angus and his staff!

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