Birdbox United & Scotty the Scott

The attitude of employees toward their work is telling of how the organisation is run. Employees always willing to short change the work, complain about untenable conditions but are the first to demand more compensation for the little they do. There is no care taken in the approach, no pride in the quality of the work presented or even the growth of the company. Their main preoccupation is that come the 25th their pay is lodged in their account. The organisation becomes a feeding tree that is never watered and whose weeds are never pruned. “I doe care what happen eh, as long as I getting my money I good. If this place lockdown it have more place to work.” This attitude from top all the way down is mutually assured destruction for employees and employers alike.

That is what Man United has become, a place where you come to work and get paid with zero accountability, zero standards and by the look of it just to post pics on twitter. Watching on in horror at the season opener the question I ask myself is, How? How can this great club full of character and fight and pedigree become so timid and apathetic towards their own success?? How are players like Scotty the Scott on the team sheet every week? And then it hit me, the decision makers and the players alike only turn up for the payday. Playing well is sold separately.

The heart of the fans ache to see what their club has become, an object of public ridicule. Toothless in the fight for dominance and fellowship with the worlds best. The only silver they wear are the jewelry they model in online posts. A club so awash with incompetence that Harry Maguire is named captain for lack of better options. Players like Bruno Fernandes only offers excuses and Rashie never finishes. De Gea cannot use his feet to pass the ball, Fred the Red is clearly a mascot, Luke Shaw is stuck at the halfway line and Martial is made of 50 million pieces of plastic.

Yet, year after year they take home big wages without one big performance for the season. To call this club a midtable side is a disgrace to the attitude and bravardo on display by these teams. They go into the lion’s den and fight and scrap for every point earning 10 pence a week while our players want to quit if their feelings get hurt by the manager. Talking about hurt, when did we start petitioning to refs for decisions instead of playing football??? Defenders asking for offsides rather than track back after they have been beaten, faking injury after they lose possession so the ref can save them. Absolute Shambles!

Despite all this, the seemingly oblivious PR machine continues to churn out content like a concrete truck decking your neighbour’s roof. Reposting goals of the day from 1980’s when we cant even score 60 goals in a season. This club is rotten from the top down! I am not one to say Glazers out or Glazers in, but we need actual leadership. Not this flip flop, put paper over the cracks behaviour but real leadership. The type that sets the standards from day one and does not waver, let the chips fall whede they may. Do away with the slackers and press on singlemindedly to ghe business of restoring football dominance to Old Trafford. A place that used to be the Mecca of English football is now nothing but a place where a pub teams provide practice games for Premier League Teams.

In times like these I wish Ralf Ragnick was still around as he is the only one who seems to know how to do the open heart surgery that this ailing club needs. But alas, he was labelled persona non grata and so the circus continues.


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