Olympus Has Fallen

Manchester United was thrashed 4-0 by Brentford over the weekend and I cannot say that I am surprised. The United fanbase is heartbroken by the very poor display. Brentford looked hungry and confident and fit. They were first to the ball, pressing high up the pitch, picking the right passes and making the right runs. On the flipside, United were busy getting steamrolled like a soft pants on a Sunday morning. After conceding the first goal, the team seemed shell shocked. They did not know what to do, its like the ocassion overhwhelmed them. The once mighty United was looking like a deer in headlights. As a fan it was really sad to watch this very spineless display. It is almost as if from minute 35, you were begging for the final whistle to be blown, to prevent Brentford scoring double digit goals.

Again, we have the same issues coming up. Bruno just taking up space, Sancho not cutting edge, Rashford a no show, Luke Shaw stealing a living, Maguire’s confidence in the mud and Ronaldo being a prima donna. The same old United. You could see the absolute frustration on Ten Hag’s face after juvenile mistakes lead to goals. He looked as if he wanted to disappear, imagine the embarrasment? 4 nil?!! In 30 mins?! Unreal!!

Ten Hag has to course correct. It would be suicide to continue playing the likes of Shaw, Bruno, Maguire and McFred. I mean you would think professional footballers could pick a 10 yard pass and run into space right?? Wrong?? The club now seems like a place you go to get rich when nobody else wants you. Supporters keep lamenting that the club has spent a billion in transfers but on who?? Have we really recruited any world beaters in their prime lately? No! Let’s take a look at our transfer activitity. Lets walk it back to 2013/2014

2013/ 2014 Incomings

Juan Mata 45 million – good player but came because he was rejected by Mourinho.

Marouane Fellaini 32 million – Need I comment on Fellaini’s quality?

2014/2015 Incomings

Angel DiMaria 75 million – arrived after Real Madrid were done with him

Luke Shaw 38 million – still waiting to see a proper season of football after 8 years

Ander Herrera 36 million – turned out to be a really decent player until the club dumped him

Marcos Rojo 20 million – mid player at best

Daley Blind 18 million – turned out to be a decent player well loved by the fans. Cutting edge? Top quality? Not really

Radamel Falcao 8 million a year loan – 28 year old striker on the decline looking for a money grab. Monaco was done with him, so why not go to united to build my retirement fund.

2015/2016 Incomings

Anthony Martial 60 million – largely unproven teenager who to this day is still unproven. Muscles made of paper and the mentality of kindergarten child.

Morgan Schneiderlin 35 million – what were we doing? How did this even happen?

Memphis Depay 34 million – desperation buy that failed miserably. To this day Depay remains a failure, its shocking to hear the fanbase want him back, even if its on a free.

Matteo Darmian 18 million – No manager seemed to want to play him. Again another weird weird buy.

Bastian Schweinsteiger 9 million – 31 year old, on the decline, tired and slow.We funded his retirement. Mans now living large and our biggest supporter on twitter. I mean, I would support my pension fund too!

2016/ 2017 Incomings

Paul Pogba 105 million – Paul was a player who was in his prime when he came so I cant really fault the club for that purchase But man was he a parasite??!! He should have been sold ages ago, but we kept flogging a dead horse. Now he walks for free.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan 42 million – why do we keep signing mid players for big money??

Eric Bailly 38 million – to this day we still have not used Bailly for a full season. Either through injury or managers not favoring him.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Free – a player on the decline, desperate for a job, would literally play anywhere. And he was on monster wages. I mean sure he did a job but he wasnt prime Zlatan.

The list continues but I feel my blood pressure rising. So I will instead summarize all the bad business since 2016/2017

Bad Business Since 2016/2017

Lukaku – bought for 85 sold for 74 within 2 years. Small team bully with no 1st touch or football intelligence. All braun and no brain.

Nemanja Matic – slow, old on the decline.

Victor Lindelof – If I speak….

Fred – a midfielder who cant pass, cant score, over commits on every tackle but sure does have a lot of energy and passion! Give me a break!

Diogo Dalot – who recruited this guy? He has no distinguishable attributes

Harry Maguire – the most fragile unintelligent and shameless defender I have ever seen. He is the captain?? How?? After barely a season at united? Mistake after mistake, loss after loss, he still starts and wears the captain’s armband. A fridge would have provided more coverage.

Daniel James – If I speak….

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Spidey himself. Cannot make a cross to save his life and most times when you look at his face mans totally cheked out. Why do we keep paying big money for mid talent!!??

Bruno Fernandes – we got cat fished for sure. For half a season we though we signed the messiah but now this man behaving like the devil himself. No passes, no assists, no confidence, disappearing in games, such a moaner!! What does he really add now?? And look he has a brand new shiny contract! I bet we can’t sell him because of his wages

Cavani – another retirement home signing. We knew he was old and injury but we still signed him to be injured for more than half the season.

Donny van de Beek – signed to be benched but Fred and McTominay pkay every week. I-

Amad Diallo – signed to be loaned out and benched.

We have a well documented history of desperate buys due to poor recruitment and playing. This season seems to be business as usual with links to man like Arnautovic and Rabiot. No PR can spin it to me that we wanted these men! None! City won the league and got Haaland, we were sixth and we are getting B rate mans straight out the KKK apparently.

Olympus has fallen, barring a footballing miracle from ETH or favour from the God’s we will be in the quagmire for years to come.

Glazers eating glazed donuts in Tampa while the fans’ eyes are galzed with tears.

Glory Glory Man United! As the reds go hobbling on!


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