Life After Casemiro

Real Madrid and Manchester United have agreed a fee over the transfer of Casemiro. The Brazilian will be revealed as a Manchester United player in the coming days. He’s a Real Madrid legend and there won’t be any bad blood between the player and fans.

Do we need another midfielder?

For me, the simple answer is no. At the moment, we have Kroos, Modric, Fede, Camavinga, Ceballos and Tchouameni. Tchouameni is Casemiro’s direct/natural replacement while a pair from the other players will play alongside him in most matches.

Image Credit: Getty Images

However, next summer, we’ll definitely need to get involved in the midfield market again as Kroos and Modric will most likely be leaving the club. Whether it be Bernardo Silva, Bellingham or Barella, a quality midfielder will need to come in.

What do we need?

Now, Perez has no excuse not to sign another attacker. We’re in need of some sort of offensive firepower. Whether it be a backup striker or right winger. As we’ve seen with Liverpool and Luis Diaz, one signing can change a lot.

Players will feel the need to perform to keep their place in the team. It’ll also give the team an emotional boost as they’ll have another personality in the dressing room to build connections and memories with.

I’d test the waters with Anthony from Ajax. Young, hungry, skillful, tenacious and he’s a natural right winger. He fits what we need and he won’t have to start each game. He’ll be given time to adapt and grow into his role in the squad.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Panic mode as yet?

To be honest, I’m not pressing the panic button as yet. Last summer we sold our legendary center-back partnership and we went the entire season without missing them in the slightest. Of course this can go terrible and we can severely miss Casemiro this season, but I’d rather see what happens before panicking.

Image Credit: Xavier Laine/Getty Images

We have Tchouameni who was the best midfielder in Ligue 1 last season. Yes, he didn’t have the best debut and we would have preferred him to learn from Casemiro for at least one season but football doesn’t always give us what we want. It’s his time to step up and write his name in Real Madrid history. He has the mentality and talent required to succeed at the club, now it’s about applying the two.


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