Three New Shows Coming To TF4TV In February 2020

TF4TV will be launching THREE new shows in February.

In addition to the currently running “Dav And Chris”, the channel will have “The Baller Perspective”, “Biased Bruddas” and “The Gamer’s Circle” on its roster.

Here’s a brief description of each show:

The Baller Perspective

A video podcast where the host, David Scarlett, talks with different football personalities (current players, retired players, coaches, media personnel, bloggers, etc.) about life and football from their point of view.

Biased Bruddas

A banter show consisting of a group of regular fans talking and debating topics in football.

The Gamer’s Circle

A gaming show presented by Chris Selman, which will include content from EA Sports FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Stay tuned for the confirmed dates and schedules of these new shows on TF4TV.


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