Barcelona – Building a Super Team

Barcelona will dominate world football again in the very near future. Under the direction of Professor X, Barca has reignited the belief in fans that they can compete at the highest levels.

They have been ruthless in getting rid of the players who do not fit the system they are trying to build, while being equally clinical with getting the players they want. Raphinha, Lewandowski, Kessie, Kounde and Christensen all show the ambition of the club. It is also rumored that Bernardo Silva is another one of their targets. What a summer of business that would be if they sign him!? This would bolster an already gifted midfield with the likes of De Jong, Busquets, Pjanic, Nico, Gavi and Pedri the prodigy.

Despite the questions about their business practices Barca continue to stick to their guns and pursue the players they need. Barca understands more than most, that it is infact football competence that drives their club and for that you need to acquire the right players.

Like Barca, many football clubs need to get back to laying a proper footballing foundation and philosophy. In England, so many of the players and clubs have a greater twitter presence than what they have on the field. Their remorse is only expressed in 280 characters at a time but never by improved performances on the pitch. Clubs signing players to run massive PR and ad campaigns rather than for the core business football.

Barca will serve as an example this season for all to see that when you take care of football, it takes care of you. Too long the stigma of Messi FC has overshadowed what this great club has accomplished and continues to accomplish. Xavi and his team will stamp their name in the annals of footballing history as one of the greatest ever teams to be assembled.

Força Barca! Mes Que un Clúb!


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